FAQ & Policies


Open Play

Open Play while at Frolic Play Space is to be parent/caretaker supervised at all times.

How long can we play?

Entry fees are for a full day of play.  You may stay as long as you want, and you may also leave and come back.  Please get a child stamp before leaving.

Is there a fee for adults?

No, adults accompanying a child are free.  However, adults may not enter the play space without a child.

Can I just keep my shoes on if I plan to stay at the tables?

Sorry, all adults entering the play space will need to wear socks and be available to help their kids since they are responsible for them.  We do have basic socks and cool socks for sale in case you forget them.

Can my older child ages 7-12 come in to play?

Sorry, our facility and equipment is meant for small children only.  Any child 7 or above may not use the equipment, but they may come in if they stay off any equipment/toys (there is no charge for them).

The only exception is during our birthday parties, when we can allow kids age 8 to play, kids 9 and older may come in (adult etiquette applies).

Can I bring food into Frolic?

Home packed snacks and drinks may be brought in.  We do offer snacks and drinks vending and hot beverages in case you forgot to pack something.

There is a $10 fee per person eating, to consume restaurant made food.  Brought in beverages for adults from Starbucks or alike are welcome.

Can I bring in cupcakes or cake to share with friends during Open Play?

Cupcakes and Cake may only be brought in to Frolic Play Space with a booked party.  We are happy to create smaller packages to fit your needs


Our entrance lobby is small. Unfortunately we don’t have space to store strollers, please leave them in the car if you can otherwise we ask that you park it outside and  we can  keep an eye on it.  We do have an ample parking lot so you can always park just a few feet away from the entrance.  We are happy to offer a hand if you need it in getting any siblings in.

Car Seats- 

May be brought, but please keep car seats off the eating tables.  If you remove the baby from the car seat, we ask that you store the car seat in the lobby area.

Food to Share- 

Food to share as a group can only be brought in with a $10 per person (cleaning fee).

Playgroup Rate-

We offer a reduced play group rate of $7 per child for playgroups.  Playgroup must be 8 or more families.  This rate is only offered for admission after 12:30 pm.


Any questions? Call or email us